About Us

Sir Pizza has been family owned and operated since our beginning in March of 1975. We still make our dough fresh daily and continue to use only the finest and freshest ingredients. Today, don’t be suprised if Ron or Rich is still topping your pizza. Hope your “Sir Pizza” experience is “Good to the very Edge!”

Our Crust!

Sir Pizza’s best kept secret and the success of every pizza we make…fresh and delicious.

Our Cheese!

One of the most important ingredients is Sir Pizza’s fresh, smoked provolone cheese for a richer taste and creamier consistency you won’t find in mozzarella.

Our Toppings!

Sir Pizza has a list of toppings to please the taste of everyone, prepared in a style all our own… ingredients are diced and evenly distributed for a more consistent flavor.

Our Square Pieces!

Why?… Simple! It provides for easier eating and a better division of the pizza.

Our Royal Feast!

Sir Pizza’s most popular pizza consists of a special blend of our finest ingredients… spicy pepperoni, lean sausage, mushrooms, green and red peppers and onions.

What Customers are Saying

Just moved to Tampa and miss Sir Pizza. Will never find anything to replace it.

My husband and I have been eating at Sir Pizza since High school(NHHS Class of 76 and 78). We still stop in once or twice a month. Love the Pizza and we always split a Beef Boat. Love It!!

I have also been coming to Sir Pizza since high school (NHHS 79). It’s always been a favorite. Now my kids love it. A favorite story we recall is when I took my son then 4 (now 17) to Sir Pizza. He loved it already then and I promised him a ROYAL FEAST. When we pulled up, the shop was closed and didn’t open until 4 pm. My son started crying! The shop owner saw us in the car, my son crying, and opened shop early! He said there was no way he could disappoint him! We went in, ordered our favorite pizza, and sat there alone in the restaurant enjoying our Royal “Feast”! We going there again tonight (sons 12 and 17). They can’t wait! Always delicious.

My husband grew up eating Sir Pizza and introduced me in 1992. We now live in Baltimore with 2 children and we still love Sir Pizza. We have driven to Pittsburgh just to get pizza for a Steelers game! 4 hours each way and worth every minute! Thank you for such a wonderful treat!

Back in the 1990’s we used to get Pizza King pizza in Indiana and we loved it. I couldn’t believe how much Sir’s tasted like Pizza King. Comes to find out it was started by Pizza King back in the 50s in Indiana. No wonder we love Sir Pizza so well!

I’ve been eating sir pizza since I was a baby and I’m now almost 30 and still haven’t ate pizza that’s better then sir

Sauce – 9/10 Crust – 9/10 Cheese – 9/10 Toppings – 10/10 Presentation – 10/10 Environment – 9/10 Service – 7.5/10 Bonus – +3 66.5/70 = 95% Review: We come here at the very least once a week. The hosts even remember our name and our order every time we come in. The pizza is consistent and tastes the same every time. The toppings of the pizza are phenomenal. All around amazing. We do wish that there would be free refills!

My wife and I have been coming to Sir’s since we met back in the 80’s……now we bring our 15 year old daughter too. We all love it! Anytime friends come to town…of to Sir’s we go. I’ve introduced lots and lots of npeople to Sir’s and they’ve ALL come back. Yummmmmm to Sir’s!

Had just finished a GNCC ATV 2 hour endurance race, working up a heck of a hunger…. Made a wrong turn going back home and seen a Sir Pizza in Franklin Park, so we stopped…. Did not expect what we were about to feast on. Everybody had pizza that looked very good, so we firgured we would give it a shot. Ate the entire large and it was fantastic. Not greasy, toppings to the edge, great crust, and a great staff. We will be back! One complaint: open more stores!

My husband and I had purchased a Living Social deal for Sir Pizza in Cranberry. We came in on January 28th. We were both impressed with the pizza and breadsticks. Great flavor with the right amout of sauce. The restauant was not very busy when we were there but lots of people picking up to go orders. Will definately be back to try again.